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Le Havre

A Strategic Bridge to the North

Specialists in Maritime Logistics, Connecting Northern Europe to International Horizons

ULIX Grand Nord is your preferred partner for maritime logistics. Thanks to our specific expertise and extensive network, we ensure smooth delivery of your goods via the most strategic sea routes, effectively connecting your business to global markets.


Import / Export

Effective facilitators of global trade


Transport Maritime
Spécialistes fiables du transport intercontinental



Provider Customized

services for your Supply Chain

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Supply chain between Europe and Asia.

Strong connections through barges following the creation of the major river-maritime port on the Seine axis with HAROPA Paris port.

Through our logistics partners, we are able to meet your storage, order preparation, packaging, and distribution needs.

Our import-export experts simplify global trade.

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Purchasing & Sourcing

Negotiation, quality control.

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International Transport



Upstream Logistics

Upstream preparation, CY, CFS, X-dock, LivMag.


International Administration


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Do you want to benefit from these advantages? Contact us now! We are here to advise and support you. Just express your need, and we will find the solution that suits your supply chain.


Your Supply Chain has become more complex, you have ongoing projects, you want to control your costs... Our consulting and solutions service is ready.

New sources of purchase savings.


Streamlining of indirect purchases.


Simplification of Europe-Asia import-export processes.


Discovery of factories around the world.


Increase efficiency with your customers.


Tools and facilities in Asia tailored to upstream logistics.


Infrastructure and teams in Europe for downstream logistics with appropriate transport.

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Our values

Our values are based on excellence, innovation, and collaboration. We constantly strive to offer top-tier supply chain solutions, optimizing processes and seeking opportunities for continuous improvement.

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Sales Administration: We decipher your Documentary Credits and offer precise recommendations to refine your sales.

Transport Organization: Rigorous selection of air freight solutions, proactive management of documents and customs formalities for seamless shipping.

Information System Management: Use of advanced digital platforms for tracking your shipments, ensuring clarity and speed.

​Our network and partnerships ensure smooth coordination of your shipments, by air or by sea, with constant efficiency.

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Our certificates and partnerships




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Downstream Logistics

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Inland Transport

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Solutions (consulting & IT)

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